Toronto FC v York United Head-to-head Record (Toronto FC Archive)

York United

Founder member (as York9) of the Canadian Premier League. The 9 in York9 signified the 9 municipalities that make up the region of York. The new name seeks to be more inclusive of the rest of the GTA. The team play home games at Lions Stadium, York University on North York, Toronto. Their first (and current) team manager (as of 2021) is former TFC captain Jimmy Brennan.

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 Sep 22nd Voyageurs Cup (QF) 4 - 0  (H)    3,651  

Toronto FC has yet to play a game against this team in this competition.

First Competitive Meeting
Sep 22nd, 2021Voyageurs Cup (QF)
(H) 4 - 0

Most Recent Competitive Meeting
Sep 22nd, 2021Voyageurs Cup (QF)
(H) 4 - 0

Last 10 Competitive Meetings

4 - 0

Biggest Victories
Sep 22nd, 2021Voyageurs Cup (QF)
(H) 4 - 0

Heaviest Defeats

Highest Attendance
Sep 22nd, 2021Voyageurs Cup (QF)
(H) 3,651

Highest Home Attendance
Sep 22nd, 2021Voyageurs Cup (QF)
(H) 3,651

Top Goalscorers
All Competitions
Ifunanyachi Achara - 1
Yeferson Soteldo - 1
Noble Okello - 1
Jonathan Osorio - 1
League Only

Current Squad vs. York United
Achara, I 11
Akinola, A --
Antonoglou, T --
Bernardeschi, F --
Bono, A 1-
Bradley, M 1-
Chung, K --
Criscito, D --
Essoussi, M --
Franklin, K --
Henry, D --
Insigne, L --
Jimenez, J --
Kaye, M --
Kerr, D --
MacNaughton, L --
Marshall-Rutty, J 1-
Mavinga, C 1-
Mbongue, H --
Nelson, J --
O'Neill, S --
Okello, N 11
Osorio, J 11
Pearlman, A --
Perruzza, J --
Petrasso, L --
Pozuelo, A --
Priso, R --
Ranjitsingh, G --
Rothrock, P --
Salcedo, C --
Shaffelburg, J 1-
Singh, L --
Thompson, K --
Westberg, Q --
Yeates, S --
The following players have played for both Toronto FC and York United