Toronto FC v CD Aguila Head-to-head Record (Toronto FC Archive)

CD Aguila

Club Deportivo Aguila, commonly known as Aguila, is a Salvadoran football club based in San Miguel, El Salvador.

Aguila currently plays in the Primera Division, the top tier of the El Salvador football league system. Aguila is one of the most successful clubs in El Salvador football history.

C.D. Aguila have won fifteen Primera Division championships, one Copa Presidente, and one CONCACAF Champions Cup 1976. Their CONCACAF Champions Cup 1976 win in 1976 made them the second Salvadoran team to win a CONCACAF title.

Since 1956, Aguila have played their home games at Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza. The stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in El Salvador.

Aguila holds a long-standing rivalry with neighbours Dragon, known as the San Miguel derby. Aguila also has a rivalry with FAS, known as El Clasico

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 Sep 25th CONCACAF Cup 3 - 0  (A)    319    
 Aug 1st CONCACAF Cup 5 - 1  (H)    5,324    

Toronto FC has yet to play a game against this team in this competition.

First Competitive Meeting
Aug 1st, 2012CONCACAF Cup (H) 5 - 1

Most Recent Competitive Meeting
Sep 25th, 2012CONCACAF Cup (A) 3 - 0

Last 10 Competitive Meetings

3 - 0

5 - 1

Biggest Victories
Aug 1st, 2012CONCACAF Cup (H) 5 - 1

Heaviest Defeats

Highest Attendance
Aug 1st, 2012CONCACAF Cup (H) 5,324

Highest Home Attendance
Aug 1st, 2012CONCACAF Cup (H) 5,324

Top Goalscorers
All Competitions
Terry Dunfield - 3
Reggie Lambe - 2
Ryan Johnson - 1
Luis Silva - 1
Quincy Amarikwa - 1
League Only

Current Squad vs. CD Aguila
Achara, I --
Akinola, A --
Antonoglou, T --
Bernardeschi, F --
Bono, A --
Bradley, M --
Chung, K --
Criscito, D --
Essoussi, M --
Franklin, K --
Henry, D 1-
Insigne, L --
Jimenez, J --
Kaye, M --
Kerr, D --
MacNaughton, L --
Marshall-Rutty, J --
Mavinga, C --
Mbongue, H --
Nelson, J --
O'Neill, S --
Okello, N --
Osorio, J --
Pearlman, A --
Perruzza, J --
Petrasso, L --
Pozuelo, A --
Priso, R --
Ranjitsingh, G --
Rothrock, P --
Salcedo, C --
Shaffelburg, J --
Singh, L --
Thompson, K --
Westberg, Q --
Yeates, S --
The following players have played for both Toronto FC and CD Aguila